Wine Glasses

How to select the best wine glasses

The temperature, the cork or the age of the wine… there are many factors to take into account when enjoying a good wine.  One of these factors is the type of glass used to make the wine glass. Although we do not always pay much attention to the quality of glass, truth  is that a wrong choice in this matter can influence in a very remarkable form the sensitive perception of the wine.

These are some basic and simple rules that will surely help you find the perfect wine glass for you

  • The cups should have their curves in the right places. The bottom should be rounded to help aerate the wine and let it develop its aroma properly. On the other hand, the upper part of the cup should end conically inward so that the essence does not escape.
  • It is essential that the waist of the cup is long enough so as not to touch the cup, otherwise we would warm the wine with our own hands.
  • The glass should be transparent and smooth , because in this way we can better appreciate the quality and brilliance of the wine.
  • Old wine requires a wide – mouth glass with little background; the younger wines , on the other hand, require a larger bottom and a more closed mouth.
  • Sparkling wines and champagne are served in fluted or ‘FLUTE’ cups, which are tall, thin, small conical bottom and on top. They are suitable because they allow the wine not to lose its effervescence and its aromas become detached.
  • The white and red wine can be served in the same glass, although ideally the glass of red wine was somewhat larger, as it is a wine with a stronger flavor and needs to move in order to breathe. For its part, the glass of brandy or cognac is the cup that attaches to the palm, heating the contents and making the bouquet out.
  • When serving, you should not fill a cup too much because the wine needs enough space to breathe and release its aroma.

Table wine should not be served in small glasses because it gives the impression that it is saving or rationing the quantity. As we have been saying, wine needs a generous cup as its own nature.

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