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Whether he is a frequent traveler or his commute is longer than he wished, this travel gadget will be super useful when he needs to take a nap. This is the new generation of travel pillows, design to hold your head without hurting your neck.

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The scarf pillow has a proven neck make stronger system that keeps your posture upright.Prevents neck pains,crinks,strains,stress,aches.Suitable for Commute.

– It make you warm in winter like a scarf.
– Incredibly deep sleep.
– Lightweight and easy to throw in a backpack.
– Keeps you from nodding off onto your neighbors.
– Prevents neck pains,crinks,strains,stress,aches.
– Less awkward and more stylish to wear than other,more cumbersome neck pillows.
– Easy to use and customize for your particular needs,no matter which seat your stuck in on the plane.(even the middle!)
– You’ll place probably the most scarf over your nose and mouth for protection from germs or to limit people seeing your mouth gape open whilst you sleep away.
– NOTE:If the Velcro doesn’t stick to the clothes,You’ll wash the Commute pillow with those clothes.Otherwise,wash it separately just to be safe.Of course,keep in mind that to take the plastic out before washing the pillow,because the plastic is not machine-washable and you’ll damage it.

Size:7.1 * 7.1 inch.
Weight:0.3 lb.
Use:Commute,Work,Study and so on.
Washing instructions:Hand wash and Machine wash.
Features:Suppot your neck,enjoy a wonderful commute.
Package include:1 Commute pillow + 1 Packing box.
New Version -The pillow of Sponge + Plastic neck make stronger instead of plastic,More soft and comfortable than first generation.
MATERIAL – The neck pillow is made of cotton,keeping it clean isn’t an issue;You’ll easily wash it in your washing machine.But keep in mind that to take the make stronger out before washing the pillow,because the make stronger is not machine-washable and you’ll damage it.
EASY TO USE – This Commute pillow has a built in neck make stronger,you just have to adjust the interior make stronger into the right place on your jaw and clavicle which will be different for everybody.That you align when you want it and then wrap the other side around, as shown in the listing photo.
EASY TO CARRY – You just strap it around your purse strap or backpack handle and it stays securely with the velcro until you want it.It’s neither big nor bulky and it didn’t hog valuable suitcase space.
PERFECT GIFT – It’s a perfect gift for your friend,lover,family.Practical and comfortable,giving them a happy commute,They’re going to be loved it.

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