All things Cactus

Gift Guides / Friday, February 23rd, 2018

Cactus Decor Trend

Decorating interior spaces with plants is a hot trend that we’ve seen everywhere in the last few years. We need some green in the house to feel connected with nature and help cleanse the air.

Cactus is a simple care plant with a great variety of species, which adapts easily to the style of your house, not only as a plant but also as a design element. Cacti have become so popular that they had transcended its own nature as plants to become a cultural icon featured in all kinds of decor elements and materials.


A good example is the cacti created with stationery materials. Combining cardboard, paper or colored prints you can create shapes that imitate the silhouette of the model plant. A good way to decorate a corner of your house in a fun way.


Another way to introduce this trend in your home is wallpaper. From realistic designs that mimic the cactus in nature, to more figurative and fun shapes. In short, options for all tastes and all shapes are there to decorate a special space.

Print, crochet, embroidery on canvas, wool or cotton …the techniques available to put a cactus on any fabric decor object have very different styles. The options are endless when it comes to design and, the best thing about it is that you can do it yourself at home with leftover materials. You can also develop all your imaginative capacity to create these succulent plants from the most common elements. Some stones from the garden or the nearest park can result, these spectacular pots composed of false cactus of all colors and shapes. The limit to innovate with the designs is your imagination.