Colors of the World: Nepal

Gift Guides / Friday, March 2nd, 2018

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There’s many souvenirs that you can bring from a trip to Nepal.

During your trip to Nepal, you will discover rich and varied local crafts. Unfortunately, since the opening of the country to tourism this craft has lost much quality. You’ll have to search well to find the best pieces.

Nepalese crafts

The golden rule when you buy a souvenir on your trip to Nepal is that you bargain like a real professional. Due to the growing number of tourists, it is increasingly common to see souvenir products manufactured in series. All the more reason not to pay too much for them. You have a lot to choose from.

Musicians won’t resist buying a sarangi. It is a kind of small viola with four strings carved in a single piece of wood.

The carpets of Nepal are generally of great beauty and quality. It is a product highly demanded by tourists.

The jewels are incredible too. The traditional ones are especially beautiful. For this type of shopping, it is better that you enter the most serious stores. A lot of counterfeits are sold.

Other amazing local handmade products are the thangkas, some beautiful paintings. But you can also buy wooden masks or one of its many sculptures of bronze, copper, brass or tin.

Some beautiful products from Nepal

Another typical gift you can buy in Nepal is a nice prayer wheel. It is quite difficult to find an old and original one.  Typically you will find replicas.

Tibetan bowls or ring gon, can also be a beautiful and original gift from Nepal. Everyone has different sounds, so try several before choosing the one that you feel more connected to.

For Nepali jewelry, it is crucial that you go to serious and specialized stores. Also, if you are looking for a 100% Nepalese stone, forget it. Precious stones are all imported from India or Tibet.

The only way to acquire a pashmina without risking being cheated is to buy it in a luxury store. Otherwise, you risk buying a nice goat hair shawl.

Finally, you can buy spices or tea, coins or old stamps, ideal for collectors, and even Nepalese paper.