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Gift Guides / Thursday, February 22nd, 2018

Gifting something pretty and useful to someone who just moved to a new house is not always easy. With a housewarming gift, you congratulate those who just moved and, at the same time, you help them with something they may need. With this list, I want to help you move beyond the obvious bottle of wine and flowers and get some gifting ideas for a housewarming party.

A friend is throwing a housewarming party for his brand new house and you do not know what to give him? Do not worry. These are some suggestions for you to take the perfect gift for such an important occasion.

1. Food Canisters, Bread Bin and Pitcher

2. A vase for a fresh flowers bouquet

3. Conversation piece as a housewarming gift

If you are the social kind then you will appreciate something that will help you break the ice. A good conversation gift will instantly engage interesting interactions and spark everyone’s curiosity.

 4. Eco-friendly housewarming gifts for the conscious homeowner

Gifts for a housewarming Party – Unique Gifts

Unique gifts are not only peculiar, they are also useful to start a conversation, which makes them perfect to take to a housewarming party. In case the party get to be full of strangers, here is your introduction.

Gifts for a housewarming Party – Kitchen tools

Make their experiences in the kitchen a little more pleasant with some useful utensils. Nothing is better than the homey scent of freshly baked products coming from the oven or a homemade meal.

Gifts for a housewarming Party – Blanket Coverage

Five-star bedding does not have to be reserved for five-star hotels. Considering that the average person sleeps for a third of their life, this is a housewarming gift that everyone will love.

Gifts for a housewarming Party – Wall Art

Art makes a lasting and lasting gift, so you really need to get it right. We have chosen three of our favorite prints that are sure to satisfy any art lover. Or to get more art ideas, see our art, prints & photography section.

Gifts for a housewarming Party – Stylish vases

Most likely the party host will receive several flower bouquets that day. A stylish flower vase will be really appreciated.