Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Gift Guides / Friday, April 20th, 2018


Mother’s Day’s Gift

The 2nd Sunday of May we celebrate Mother’s Day. Remember your mother this year and find nice Mother’s Day Gift Ideas.

A Home Spa in a Gift Basket

A Weekender Bag is a great gift for the traveler mom

Travel Accessories for the Traveler Mom

Photo Frames for your Memories with Mom

Make up organization gifts

Cute japanese style little planters

Share a tea with your Mom

 Thank you mom!

Thus you can wait until late in the day to find your mother’s day gift. Smart for you – and for us, because it means we can celebrate the “hero of the home”, the American President Woodrow Wilson who celebrated mothers for the first time when, in 1914, he made  Mother’s Day a national holiday in the United States.

Because you gave me patches when I had hit me. Because you kissed my forehead and made cake for my birthday. Thank you for washing my clothes, picking me up from sports, driving me to school when it stormed, making my food, making my bed. Because you never laughed at me when I practiced playing guitar, and because once again you let me get a little further up. Thank you for all your help, and not least for learning what’s right and wrong.

The list of a mother’s heroic acts is long, and although the content may vary from person to person, they are all about the fact that one’s mother has done a lot of good things for one. Often so many that you can be totally embarrassed at the idea of how to be able to give all that back?

You will never be able to do it with a gift. But even if it cannot give everything that one’s mother has given back, it can still be something very valuable: a gift on Mother’s Day indicates that you appreciate her great effort.

However, not everyone is just ready on time. Many people find air in the mailbox because they really wanted to buy one thing for their mother but did not do it before the day suddenly came. And that’s bad because your mother is not getting a gift, but also because you can spend the rest of the day worrying about yourself. 

Gifts for mom on Mother’s Day

When you are going to find a gift for Mom, you (hopefully) are looking for something that will make her happy and at the same time show that you are happy with her. You can do this by formulating a loving text to send her.

She knows you all the way through, so there is no need to try to impress her with a gift, especially if she still knows you do not have money. Instead, it is much better to use the energy to surprise her with a gift she had not expected to get. Everybody has the opportunity to find a gift for Mother’s Day that comes as a wonderful surprise to her.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

All mothers have at least two things in common:

1) They have the hardest work in the world (there is no day off at work like mom), and

2) they want to be a part of their children’s life (yours)

That mindset is a good starting point when identifying his gift ideas for mom. Because of both points, you can put an equation with a wish that you can easily accomplish for her. E.g


1) Your mother might really need to relax, get some time to feel herself, breathe out, restore …. there are many synonyms for it: to get a break from it all. You can give her a gift card for an optional wellness experience, or what about a beautiful face treatment?


2) Your mother LOVES to be with you. So why not take a morning off to enjoy a champagne brunch  with her so you can talk and enjoy it? Or maybe a whole day so you can spend several hours together in a fun or exciting activity after her choice?


Suggestions like these are classics when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. If you want to be more experimental or if you know that your mom will not appreciate one of these greatest hits, we also have other ideas for Mother’s Day’s gift below.


Personal gift for mom

We have many different presents for Mother’s Day, and it gives you a chance to find the right one. All it takes is that you spend a moment thinking of your mother. What does she like? What does she get into? What does she do in her spare time? And so on. It helps you look at her as the woman she is (beyond “just” being your mother). When done, it should be easy to find a gift that matches.


Below we have made a small list of gift ideas for “typical” female characters – maybe you can find inspiration for a mother’s day gift for your mom here?


Gifts for a Mom who is into healthy cooking


Ok, she is in control of  the kitchen! Every time you visit her, your teeth run into water even before you step inside the door, just at the thought of her food art. She is insanely good at cooking in all shadows; meat, salads, garnish, stews, sauce, seafood, cookies; you name it. She shines in us and steam because she loves to cook and because she is always interested in new recipes. She gets her in the chocolate boxer’s box from Peter Beier Chocolate, so do not you think it’s here? (and do not think it will also benefit you from a taste of a day ..?)


Gifts for a Mom who is into beauty producst


The beauty

She is probably your mother, but you can not get rid of the fact that she is a beautiful woman. She is not vain, but she is good and likes to try new hair or colorful nail polishes. It can be an expensive hobby – especially if there is never anyone who notices. But you do. With a gift card for an online shop like Nicehair, you give her the opportunity to choose between hair products, make-up, jewelry, skin care, accessories and much more, but she can have a lot of fun experimenting in front of the mirror.