+100 Small Kitchen Ideas to hack your pantry!

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Small Kitchen Organization Ideas. Functional tiny kitchens.

If you have limited shelf space, don’t let that hold you back. Be creative by re-purposing your kitchen space to make the storage you need. Don’t limit your options to furniture. There’s a lot of great accessories out there that will help you declutter your kitchen and find everything you need when you try that new recipe.

These simple kitchen hacks will help you maximize your storage space, allowing you to keep your kitchen organized. We know there’s virtually no way to fit everything you would have in a big kitchen, but hey, we’re here to try. Maybe you don’t have the means to pay someone to do your dream makeover, but there are many ideas you can put to practice by yourself!

1. Kitchen storage ideas: Wire wall mounted storage baskets.

A wall mounted basket is the perfect organizer for any small space. This is a great tip to get some extra storage space in a small kitchen. The wire baskets are light,  trendy and super functional. They are really inexpensive and will definitely multiply the size of your pantry.

Reduce clutter and create an organized home vintage wall mount baskets. The basket’s deep interior allows storage for condiments and canned goods in the kitchen; the options are endless. Made of sturdy steel, this rustic storage bin will add the perfect amount of vintage to any space in the home.A convenient label plate allows you to easily label the basket’s content. You can use them to store and organize produce or pantry items.

A wire hanging shelf makes a great accent decor in rustic and farmhouse style homes.

2.Kitchen storage ideas: Repurpose stylish office supply as kitchen tools storage

Hack your magazine file holders to fit in that very narrow space that you don’t know how to use in your tiny apartment kitchen. They work perfectly for wooden spoons, spatulas and baking tools and the will work basically as a drawer.

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3.Kitchen storage ideas: Hang product produce in three-tiered hanging wire baskets

All you have to do is hang the wire basket from the ceiling in one of the corners of your kitchen. It’s great for storing garlic and onions on the top; bananas, avocados, and oranges in the middle; and bread and other large items in the bottom basket.

4. Small kitchen storage ideas: Magnetism in the kitchen. An awesome solution to use the vertical space.

You can use the fridge door or install metal stripes as a base for your magnetic kitchen accessory. These metal strips are usually installed using heavy duty double sided mounting tape or screws. They work really well on the inside of a cabinet door or onto whatever vertical space that is available in your small kitchen. The quality and strength of the magnets is key in order not to see your kitchen tools or spice tins fall off the rack.

In case you don’t love the cold touch of steel, there’s a great solution to this. You can hide the magnets behind a thin layer of wood, vinyl, or paint. The magnetic field will weaken a bit, but a good quality magnet will still work after a hand of paint.

Magnetic Kitchen Organization Rack

A magnetic kitchen rack has to be sturdy and strongly adhere to the fridge door or any other metallic surface in your kitchen. Some models have space for the paper towel roll top, roll of foil, parchment, and saran wrap. Some magnetic racks have hooks so you can also hang the turner and measuring spoons. This kind of fridge magnet is great for holding kitchen accessories like oven mitts and aprons.

Magnetic knife strip

Use your backsplash for extra space with a magnetic knife strip that will keep your knives safely at hand, the frame of the window, on the side of the cabinet or even on the inner part of the door. A magnetic strip isn’t only for knives. You can also stick everything metallic in your kitchen, like the bottle opener or the cheese grater. Once you realize how helpful they are you will want more than one!.

  • A good quality magnetic knife bar is going to be made from strong magnets.
  • It must have a fully magnetic surface powered by a neodymium magnet. This makes it hold even your largest knives instantly, safely and securely.
  • A  longer magnetic strip will let you store more knives than most of the knife blocks on the market, while still being small enough fit into many nooks and crannies in your small kitchen. Use the magnetic knife storage strip to hold knives, scissors, and  tools

Magnetic spice tins

The magnet spice racks are perfect for storing condiments and spices in your kitchen. They are both convenient and add an artistic touch too. The powerful magnet in the back allows you to stick the spice jars on any metal surface to save space. A clear lid is very handy in finding the right spice quickly and has a rotating design with sifting or pour holes.

5.Small kitchen storage ideas: Pantry Under the Shelf Organizer Basket & Fridge Under the Shelf Basket

Add under shelf wire basket slides onto an existing shelf for additional storage space. These are great for storing napkins, dish towels, and table linens. Simply slide one onto an existing shelf. If you need more storage space, you can hang several baskets vertically from a shelf or stack them on a flat surface.

6.Small kitchen storage ideas: Over the Cabinet Door Organizers

An over the door organizer works perfectly for cutting boards, bakeware pans, cookie sheets or plastic food wrap in a small kitchen. The ultra-thin hook is usually padded with EVA to fit your cabinet door and protect it from scratches.

This works perfectly in a kitchen with lots of cabinets but not many drawers. This fits just right on one cabinet and can hold several oven pans and cutting board and you will still be able to easily reach the back of the cabinet. It’s very easy to assemble and sturdy. One bonus is the adhesive foam strips that are normally included – you can put them on parts that touch the inside of the cabinet door to prevent scratching.

7. Small kitchen storage ideas: Pot lids organizer rack

Organize your cookware collection by getting pot lids off shelves. An over-the-door lid holder fits snugly in place on the cabinet door, offering foldout arms for three lipped lids. Put away annoying clutter as it keeps all size covers separate and accessible. The hook adjusts to fit most door thicknesses and won’t interfere with its normal function.

8.Small kitchen storage ideas: Pegboard storage

You can organize anything with pegboard. Having a wall covered with these boards is very useful and practical, all the little items around these areas can be easily organized with the different hooks that you can get for it.

Any open, flat surface is ready and waiting to provide an abundance of storage. The secret is humble pegboard—easy-to-install perforated panels that can be outfitted with a variety of clever hooks and brackets for grabbing, supporting, and hanging just about anything

9. Small kitchen storage solutions: Open Shelving Kitchen

One of the best small kitchen ideas is open shelving. Open shelving is a smart storage solution for small kitchens that do not have room for standard hanging cabinets. As a bonus, shelves like these make it easier to grab dishes, glasses, and mugs.

10. Small kitchen storage solutions: Slide Out Pantry Storage Rack, perfect for Narrow Spaces

Slide the metal Pantry Rack into that narrow space between the refrigerator and cabinets, then roll it out when needed. This is one of the most popular small kitchen ideas in Pinterest and it’s for a reason.

11. Small kitchen storage solutions:Hang pots and pans from the ceiling

Ceiling mounted designs save cabinet and counter space and keep your pots within easy reach.

12. Small kitchen storage furniture: Lazy Susan for corner kitchen cabinet

A Lazy Susan or Lazy Suzy is a turntable placed on a table or countertop to aid in distributing food. They are usually circular and placed in the center of a circular table to share dishes easily among diners. By analogy, the term “Lazy Susan” is sometimes applied to cabinets (especially corner cabinets) whose circular shelves rotate around a vertical axle to allow easy access to a greater area of space. Such corner cabinets cut out a quarter of the circle to permit two “doors” to be mounted at right angles to one another. These are especially common in kitchen cabinets.

13. Small kitchen storage furniture: A narrow rolling cart can give extra storage in a small kitchen.

Kitchen islands are great if you have the room; you can also create space with kitchen carts.  Add much-needed storage space to your busy kitchen with a rolling cart.

14. Tiny kitchen organization ideas: Over the kitchen door shelf racks

15. Tiny kitchen organization ideas: Over the door plastic shoe organizer

16. Stackable Can Rack Organizer

17. Small kitchen storage solutions: Nesting bowls and food storage containers

18. Small kitchen declutter: Collapsible everything

19. Small kitchen declutter: Pan Organizer

20. Small kitchen solutions: Compost bins for small kitchens

21. Small kitchen wall storage: Kitchen rods to hang everything

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