Live plants that you can buy on Amazon

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Live plants on Amazon? Yes!

Bring the spring into your home with live plants. Live plants clean the air and ease our brains, contributing to a calming and welcoming space. Some of them need very low maintenance, even if you think that you don’t have the skills to have a plant, air plants, succulents, and cacti are a great option.

1. Air plants

Where to buy air plants

Buy air plants on Amazon

What are air plants

Air plants are those that have roots located above the ground. There are many types of air plants, and they are usually found in jungles, where the competition to reach more light is what has triggered the evolutionary development. This type of plant usually lives on other plants and trees. They are very resistant and require less attention than other plants in your garden. You can easily buy live air plants on Amazon and the will surely get to your door in good shape. Nevertheless, they will be extra happy if you give them a couple of hours bath before placing them in the air plant holder of your choice.

2. Succulents and Cactus

Succulents are plants that live in areas where does not rain too often. To survive, what they have done has been to transform little by little, over thousands and even millions of years, the leaves and stems in their own water stores. Thanks to these reserves they are able to grow in the desert. In fact,  the term, succulent, comes from the Latin succulentus which means very juicy. There are three types of succulents: cactus, crass and plants with caudex or caudiciform plants.

Many plant families have multiple succulents found within them (over 25 plant families). In some families, such as Aizoaceae, Cactaceae, and Crassulaceae, most species are succulents.

3. Palm Trees

Palm trees decorate our home in an amazing way: regardless of the type of leaves they have, their slender and thin trunks, their poise and elegance, can make a room look better, with more life and color.

Its cultivation is not difficult, but when you have them inside the house you have to observe them from time to time as some problems may arise.  Palm trees need a lot of light in order to grow well. Although it is true that there are some, such as the Howea forsteriana (kentia) or the Chamaedorea elegans (living palm) that can be in those areas that are not especially bright, these plants will develop better in which there are windows through which the rays solar can enter. You have to water only when the substrate is dry, preferably with rainwater or without lime. In the event that we have placed a dish under it, we will remove the water that is about ten minutes after having watered.

If we want to decorate the home with a palm tree and enjoy it for many years, it is very important that we first learn about what species can be grown in pots and indoors.

4. Fruit Trees, where to buy

Although not all fruit trees can be grown in a pot, there are some grafted varieties that can be easily grown on terraces and patios within growing containers. On the other hand, we have a wide variety of fruit trees that we can grow in our garden. Enjoy the fruit!

5. Bushes and Shrubs online

When it comes to shrubs for the garden, the challenge begins when choosing the ideal element, which allows you to bring to your spaces a sample of nature that adds vitality.

It is important to mention that you can look for garden ideas that suit your requirements, so do not worry if you do not have a big garden, or even if you do not have much time to take care of it.

 6. Exotic plants available

7. Live Flowers in a pot

8. Hanging Plants

10 reasons to have plants at home

They are all benefits

 The plants and flowers we have in our homes not only decorate our homes with elegance and beauty, but also give us benefits for our health and help us improve our quality of life.

1. They oxygenate the environment

Having a plant in our bedroom, despite what many believe, is not harmful. It is true that during the night, plants do not photosynthesize and consume oxygen by expelling carbon dioxide. But the overall balance throughout the day is very positive for the human being. Also, remember that you can find plants that combine the cycle of photosynthesis, there are some that do it for the day and others at nightfall.

2. They produce a relaxing effect

The color of our plants and their beauty affect effectively the state of people giving a sense of tranquility and positivism to the human being. They give ornamental, aesthetic and harmony welfare. Its psychological effects are therefore very positive. Relax, encourage, reduce stress … all benefits!

3. Improve the health of the air we breathe

The plants that we have in our homes purify and revitalize the environment, absorb polluting gases, increase the humidity in the air … And attenuate the temperature, cooling the environment in summer and producing heat in winter

4. Reduce the noise

Many of our plants act as a screen against external and internal noise, especially in small and closed places. In this way, they help us reduce the noise level by drowning the sounds.

5. Help our skin

As we have already pointed out, the plants humidify the air and this makes our skin much more hydrated. A study showed that Raphis Marantha increases air humidity by up to 5%.

6. They favor work

Much research has shown that having plants in the workplace increases the performance and effectiveness of people. They help to relax and this reduces work stress.

7. Help the study

And they are not only good at work, they are also good at educational or study centers such as universities and libraries. Relaxation increases the level of concentration and this consequently increases creativity and production.

8. Adorn our homes

Obviously, we can not forget the decorative level of the plants. At the ornamental level, there is no furniture or detail that exceeds the beauty of nature. In addition, the range of ornamental plants is so wide that there are varieties for all tastes and homes.

9. Clean the atmosphere

The plants not only renew the air, purify and improve it, but also reduce pollution, absorb harmful gases, renew the smoke by removing it and reduce the presence of dust by up to 20%.

10. Improve self-esteem

Since it is a life, taking care of a plant and watching it grow improves the self – esteem of many people. Maintaining a healthy and safe plant entails a responsibility behind and a lot of perseverance. This generates satisfaction in people and therefore increases self-esteem.

With all these benefits who wants to live without plants? Fortunately Amazon is finally delivering live plants to your door. Buying live plants (in pots!) online has never been so convenient and easy.

Live plants available on Amazon. Buy plants in pots online.
Live Plants on Amazon. Live plants available on Amazon. Buy plants in pots online.