Sobremesa Fairtrade Fez Collection Handmade White and Green Ceramic Pasta Bowl

$50.99 (as of March 17, 2018, 2:38 pm)

Hand-painted white and green ceramic construction
Lead-free and cadmium-free clay
Food safe glaze



Impress your guests and bring a story to the table with this hand crafted fair trade pasta bowl from Sobremesa’s Fez Collection. This collection is in keeping with a social and environmental initiative for global change by fashioning high end, sustainable tableware that supports artisans with both a fair wage and healthy working conditions. Hand crafted from ceramic by skilled artisans in Tunisia, no two pieces on this collection are identical, which gives each and every piece uniqueness and adds to their charm. Envisioned by skilled designer, Mimi Robinson, this sustainable tabletop collection is designed for the sophisticated epicureans who eat local but think global. This stunning pasta bowl is crafted with lead-free and cadmium-free clay and glazes which are protected for food preparation, and is hand painted with a green Mediterranean-inspired pattern. The Fez collection consists of bowls, plates, mugs, and miniature tagines that come in four vibrant colors that are ideal for mix and matching. Not only do these pieces look great together, but they also complement other Sobremesa collections, like the Copavic glass collection and the Cuchareros wooden utensil collection, to weave sophisticated style and a unique story all the way through your serveware. Both microwave and dishwasher protected for your convenience, this fair trade bowl is not just versatile but also a commentary piece. The word “sobremesa” literally means “over the table,” and captures the Spaniards’ art of savoring the conversation and company of others all the way through a meal and beyond.

12″ diameter
Hand-painted white and green ceramic construction
Lead-free and cadmium-free clay
Food protected glaze
Mediterranean pattern
Microwave protected

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